The first day and my surprise

Another country, another city, another school. I’ve been working as a traveling teacher for a while, living my life of a constant change and challenge.

Having some charisma and touch of grace, I had never really struggled to start afresh though. We stay young until we start being afraid of the unknown…. Singapore was a huge city and I knew absolutely nobody. But as everywhere else in the world, they were looking for French language teachers, the natives. That was exactly my case, and with a decent command of other languages, I didn’t struggle to sign a temporary contract.

The school was located in the suburbs, but I didn’t mind. I was tired of the city centre life and looked for a break–at least for a month until I was ready to hit the clubs again and enjoy the life passing me by….


I wasn’t even interviewed for a job

One of the first surprises was my direct acceptance. Though the long list of strong positive references, I had always been interviewed for a job before coming. Phone, Skype, or paid flight ticket–you name it. In Singapore, however, they told me they’d interviewed me once I started the job.

And so I came to the class, 17 years old children, they spoke decent French for Asians. Girls were wearing short skirts and some of them were really beautiful I thought. Actually there were many more girls than boys, but many of them had a strange looks on their faces. I started to teach, and we talked. Whenever I asked something neutral, hands rose to the sky. When I gave questions about the school, however, children kept quiet. Corridors were clean and the food in the school cafeteria had a decent taste, so I decided to not complain.


Principal refused my visit

They assigned me a small cabinet, together with Italian and Spanish teachers. Both of them were women in their thirties, pretty much good looking. We chatted a bit but for some reason they were rather reserved. I didn’t mind and invited them to visit me at my place, the apartment I rented for my six months stay. They said they’d come but we didn’t arrange the exact time yet.

I wanted to meet the principal, leader of the school. But he refused my visit at first. His secretary referred to me that the boss would see me later, that he’d call me to his office. Strange enough, but I didn’t care and continued to teach. I had a signed contract in my hands, and the salary was more than exceptional. I taught, enjoyed the city and wondered about strange collective at the educational institution.

  • the vast majority of students were girls. And many of them were very good looking.
  • the majority of teachers were women, and many of them could possibly pass the first round of modelling competition.
  • school principal and the two assistant principals were all men though

For a short moment I thought that was a reason why I was accepted, and hired without an interview. everybody told me I was beautiful, I ran every day and took care of my diet. I didn’t want to gain weight, and I didn’t have a boyfriend. When you change your place of living every six months, it’s tough to maintain a relationship….

Anyway, I already got used to starting in a new place, and knew which places and parts of the city to visit to make friends. My life outside of school was quite ordinary, and I got many invitations for a drink–all of which I refused. The interesting part was yet to come….


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